This week has been an amazing one for hearing from celebrities, who want to get on board & donate their time to the 5 great charities we at Harlow 5 Aid are supporting on July 28th at Harlow Town FC.

Charity football team

Its amazing & humbling how many people are already clambering for tickets, not only to watch great football teams made up from Teachers, Footballers & Celebrities but to support these causes, as each one has something which strikes a chord with us all in its own way.

It’s also – and this has really, really made me proud of the group of celeb’s who have responded to the call for players; amazed me at how people who have busy lives, rally round when it’s needed.

I have had Tweets & emails from celebs offering support.

So with a humongous Thank You – these are the peeps that have replied & pledged some form of support (from actually playing to saying they will try & get there).

Victor Ebuwa – Slick Vic (The jungle Cat) From Big Brother 5.

Johny Pach – Entertainer / Presenter

Garage MC Legends – Sparks & Kie – JOY

MC Charmer – MC Charmer

Rob Lamarr – Rob Lamarr Official Site

Chloe Everton – Sky Sports & Shipwrecked 

Dean Bradshaw – Skys Dream Team

Jeff Brazier – Presenter, ex Pro-footballer, TV star

James Argent – Towie reality TV Star

Ben Cole – Huge charity supporter – Brother of Footballer Mitchell Cole.

Lewis Clay – X Factor, Singer, Charity supporter

DJ Talent – Britain’s got talent Semi Finalist

Simon Cummins – Actor / Producer (Don’t mention THAT commercial LOL ) 

Tamer Hassan – Charity Footballer, Great Actor  & producer. (Trying to organise diary).

There are still a number of celeb’s who are trying to adjust schedules so they can attend on July 28th at Harlow Town FC’s Ground.

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So if you know of any celebs who have the heart (& possibly stamina) enough to join us to raise money for these 5 Great Charities – Please please contact us.

Thank you so much

Karin – Email me here 

Proudly supporting @Harlow5Aid