Care Campaign for the Vulnerable was founded over five years ago by former Marketing /Promotions executive Jayne Connery from Gerrard’s Cross; The group is leading the way in championing safety monitoring to be made mandatory in communal areas in ALL dementia care homes across the UK.

The preventable neglect and failings in her own loved one’s care led Jayne to advocate for better care standards, help families and family carers needing support and guidance whilst also pushing for the subject of CCTV in care homes to be discussed.

Having gained the support of former Attorney General, MP Dominic Grieve and spending time at many meetings since 2015, a parliamentary debate at Westminster Hall regarding this subject took place at the end of 2018.

Dominic Grieve will now be at the January 11th meeting of the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable committee, which will also be attended by Celeb FC Founder Karin Flower.

This initial 2019 meeting at the Crowne Plaza in Gerrard’s Cross will discuss committee members personal experiences of the care sector along with a presentation by Care Protect Limited, who combine the use of the latest camera and secure cloud technology with monitoring by their team of experienced independent experts; currently utilised in a number of healthcare settings.

Karin Flower, founder of Celeb FC has said “Celeb FC are a group of celebrities, who attend events without charge to raise funds & awareness for the smaller UK charities, non-profits & community groups who otherwise may not be able to afford PR & appearance fees. I am so happy we are able to be a part of this amazing movement as what Care Campaign for The Vulnerable are trying to achieve with regards to safety monitoring of our most vulnerable adults is absolutely essential.  We will be supporting Care Campaign for the Vulnerable through 2019 & beyond.

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