So last night CBB had a few tasks set up to give the boys a feel of the “female experience”.

From trying to multi-task, to getting in touch with their emotions; but the big talking point on Twitter was the “Boys experience labour pains” task.

Love Island‘s Jonny Mitchell looked like he was in agony as he, Daniel O’Reilly (aka Dapper Laughs), John Barnes & The Apprentice star Andrew Brady  all laid on beds as they were wired up to a machine which gave them the same (so we are told) feelings as contractions…

One of the funniest parts of this was poor Andrew as he sweated through the discomfort asking weakly  ‘Why would anyone do this twice or three times?’

Ann Widdecombe was not happy at all with the task & in fact took offence at the very suggestion it was any where near “entertainment” at all. However Ann wasn’t the only one looking rather unimpressed, as I noticed Malika didn’t seem to enjoy the task as much as the other ladies either!

Personally, I thought the tasks were quite harmless & the overreaction of Ann is just an expression of her life experiences, as are her over-reactions to many other things in the house…

That said, her “life-experience” should not & does not excuse her very old-fashioned views.

The former MP has been front & centre of most conversations she has been involved in & has a view on.. I’ll give her her due though, she isn’t backwards in coming forwards & to be honest, I like that in a person.. I may NOT agree with her opinions, BUT I respect her right to air them & I thoroughly appreciate the conversations between her & Courtney; both of them have views that are poles apart & can debate without crying, screaming or shouting.. Which has allowed the viewing public a rare insight into the LGBT community from opinions that are poles apart..

While viewers have been on Twitter – venting their spleens, some even asking for her to be removed… For me, her willingness to stick to her views & openly discuss them is part of the reason she needs to be in the house! If you shut down & remove opinions like her’s, they wont ever be persuaded to change!

For me, Ann is not a huge problem, her outdated views are just that – outdated & able to be looked at in that light…

However India Willoughby has been a tiny bit disappointing for me..

I am a HUGE India fan – I love her usual, on air  “Say it as it is” attitude & that is what I was expecting from her in the CBB house – Such as her views on “Gender Fluidity” & Gender-Neutral Changing Rooms …

*What a great interview on Good Morning Britain.

But sadly I think its either vicious editing or she really has let the “Stir-Crazy” house get to her…

EG: India storming away from the smoking area on Saturday night after a tense transgender dating debate with Ginuwine really was difficult for me to watch; I wanted to scream into the house “Some guys wouldn’t date me as I’m the wrong side of a size 14 & The wrong side of 30” BUT I don’t hate them for it.. Its their preference.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that Courtney (Shane) has done more to bring the viewing public a positive view of the LGBT community in a few days than India has in over a week; I’m agreeing with Malika that India’s self view is maybe the issue… I’ve always seen her as a she, as I am sure did the housemates… That was until she kept pushing the “I was a He – therefore I am different but the same” confused rhetoric…

I really really hope she pulls this back, as I do like her…

Well, Tonight will certainly add fuel to this – as judging by tweets and Facebook posts from CBB;  India, who recently told Courtney that she has a ‘phobia’ of drag queens, comes face to face with another one in the CBB House as Andrew Brady gets a rather fabulous drag makeover courtesy of Shane aka Courtney and the house welcomes the beautiful drag-artist Betty Swollocks.

I absolutely cannot wait for tonight’s instalment.

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