There is no denying that women’s football has come a long way in the UK over the last two decades, with significant progress made in terms of visibility, funding, and participation.

Yes it may have been a slow process, but the growth in popularity of the sport is clear to see, and that’s something that is set to continue.

How Women’s Football Has Changed in the UK

The visibility of women’s football has increased dramatically over the last few years, and this was kickstarted by the success of the England team at the 2015 World Cup.

They finished third and captured the public’s imagination of what women could achieve on the pitch, and they helped to raise the profile of the women’s game. The growth of social media has also helped to raise the profile of women’s football, with players and clubs able to interact with fans and share news and updates about the sport.


There is also a lot more funding being put into women’s football than ever before, which has improved significantly.

In 2017, the Football Association (FA) announced a major investment into the women’s game, with £17 million being allocated over three seasons. This funding has enabled clubs to improve their facilities and invest in their players, helping to raise the overall standard of the game.


Of course, the rise of women’s football has not been without its challenges.

Women’s football in the UK still receives less funding and attention than men’s football, and there is still work to be done to ensure that women’s football is taken as seriously as the men’s game. However, the progress made in the last two decades is undeniable, and there is a growing sense that women’s football in the UK is on the cusp of something truly special.

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