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Over the past decade, the world of charity fundraising in the UK has undergone significant changes. With increasing demands for transparency and accountability, as well as advances in technology and communication, charities, community groups and non-profit organisations have had to adapt their fundraising strategies to meet the changing preferences and abilities of donors and the wider public.

How Charity Fundraising Has Gradually Changed in the UK

One of the most significant changes has been the shift towards online and digital fundraising. With the rise of social media and crowdfunding platforms, it’s now easier than ever for charities and groups to reach a wider audience and collect donations online. This has enabled people to engage with potential donors in new and innovative ways and has made it easier for individuals to support causes that they care about.

Another major change to charity fundraising in the UK has been the increasing focus on transparency and accountability. This is something Celeb FC has always been very vocal about. Transparency is absolutely key when asking for money from individuals or businesses. We truly believe, with any event / fundraiser, it needs to be clearly shown to prospective attendees / donors, where the funds are going!

Thankfully, now many groups are working harder to demonstrate their commitment to ethical fundraising practices and to ensure that they are accountable to supporters. The Charities commission and the UK government are catching up with the need for transparency and so this shift has led to the development of new codes of practice and guidelines for fundraising, as well as the creation of new regulatory bodies.

Also, our founder regularly speaks to MPs, Councillors and other people she meets about this transparency issue – explaining the difference between how a charity operates and how many of us choose to work for the greater good. A lot of noble causes, choose to operate as non-profit small businesses, with everyone within the organisation being a volunteer. This may be expensive and time consuming (HMRC / TAX / Companies House etc) BUT  supporters / donors can easily see everything that happens through the year – TRANSPARENCY is Key!

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Another trend in charity fundraising over the past decade has been the growing importance of corporate social responsibility. Many businesses now see charitable giving and philanthropy as an integral part of their corporate strategy and are increasingly looking for ways to support charities and non-profit organisations. This has led to new opportunities for collaboration and partnership between fundraising / support groups and businesses, as well as increased support options for groups. Many of whom have turned to a “Quid Pro Quo” way of supporting, providing services and supplies for the kudos of being involved in amazing community events etc.

Volunteers – The Unsung Heroes

It’s also a lot more common now for someone to dedicate their time to charitable fundraising, rather than simply making a monetary donation. People are increasingly interested in being involved in helping others directly and volunteering their time allows them to work closely with those in need. Plus, with the cost of living crisis, a lot of people no longer have the means to give regularly to charity. Instead, they give their time and support.

This is a major shift and something that should be encouraged – not hindered (Are you listening MR MAYOR)?

Find out more about how our founder feels about hindrances that are being put in place to stop the work of amazing volunteers and groups HERE


Celeb FC

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