Anyone connected with Celeb FC knows that help with fundraising is vital for the smaller charities and community groups, as many just don’t have the financial capacity to pay for support in this area.

Encouraging support for these causes, helps to have a positive impact on the communities these smaller entities support. However, during challenging economic climates, raising funds can become even more difficult and we have seen this particularly over the last 3 years.

In this blog, we have taken a look at various ways of overcoming the challenges of fundraising during this very strained time.

Some Celeb FC help for those struggling with fundraising in 2023

  • Communicate the Impact – During uncertain economic times, potential donors may be hesitant to contribute due to financial concerns. It becomes crucial that you  effectively communicate the impact of your group and demonstrate how donations directly benefit those in need. Sharing stories, testimonials and statistics that highlight the positive change brought about by your work and your volunteers etc. Sharing the story of the lead up to fundraising events particularly can make a big difference to a persons connection to a cause..


  • Tailor Fundraising Strategies – Adapt fundraising strategies to align with your local audience and their particular economic climate. Consider organising fun, free to join fundraising events that require minimal financial resources, but have a good outcome for the volunteer, attendee and group. These events can include online auctions, local runs or walks, or (like us) fundraising football events. Also – always embrace technology and social media platforms to engage donors and spread awareness at a lower cost.


  • Collaborate and Leverage Partnerships – In challenging times, collaboration is key. Seek partnerships with local businesses, corporations, or other non-profit organisations that share similar values. We often hears stories of times where connections were once are made and a benefit had been had, but then they seemed to slip away. This is sad as there was a good outcome, so you should keep that going, Explore joint fundraising initiatives furher with community groups, charities and volunteers, where both parties can benefit from shared resources and expanded networks.


  • Explore Alternative Revenue Streams – Diversify your income beyond traditional fundraising efforts. Consider creating fun merchandise or products that align with your groups mission. We always offer advice on good solid branding, This is crucial, even if you are a small group. It ensures you are easily identifiable, but also offers this revenue stream. With support from volunteers or local small businesses’ you could gain an income form branded merchandise, artwork or books.


  • Emphasise the Power of Small Donations – During difficult financial times, individuals may be unable to make significant donations. However, emphasising the impact of small donations can inspire more people to contribute. Always say “Thank You” ( You wouldn’t believe how many charity / community groups forget this (especially to volunteers who give up something more precious than money – time). Its a bug bear of our founders… A thank you costs nothing and keeps people feeling valued.


Though the current economic climate is difficult for many organisations, it doesn’t mean that fundraising needs to be put on the backburner.

By tailoring the approach and highlighting the power of small donations, you can continue to fundraise in innovative and fun ways.

Find out more about how our founder feels about hindrances that are being put in place to stop the work of amazing volunteers and groups HERE



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