WOW – The 2018 Celebrity Big Brother launch night came  & went so quickly…

Did you enjoy the new format?

This launch was not only all female (to pay respects to the fantastic women who have fought through the years for equality & highlighting the fact that 2018 is the centenary of women getting the right to vote); It also saw Emma sitting down with the housemates BEFORE they enter the house.

It wasn’t a winner for me, as I’m not sure I really like the thought of the housemates having a “breather & chat” before entering the house… Maybe I am slightly masochistic, BUT I like them being sent in, with no build-up or opportunity to question themselves or Emma about the house, its contents & indeed other entrants….

Twitter seemed to agree with me, with a few people pointing out this change as making the entry slightly less enjoyable & ruining what would’ve been a great start to the series.

That aside, I thought the ladies that did enter the house were a fantastic mix of diverse, eclectic characters who have such viewer pulling power that I think CBB may have hit on an absolute winner here!

Of course I am slightly reluctant to say that as last year saw our teammate Paul Danan enter the CBB house. That was of course compulsive viewing for all of us that know & love Paul.

I still think the whole show would’ve been much better if he had stayed in until the end… What a character!

However I for one am thoroughly hooked on this years All Women house already… Well that is until Big Brother mixes it up & puts in the XY brigade….

Twitter & Facebook seem to agree so far – Great start to what is promising to be a fabulous series..

Do you have any early faves yet?

For me its #CBBMaggie & #CBBIndia 

Go on girls!

Keep checking back here for my thoughts on this years CBB 



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