As Celeb FC Founder, I know I am often seen as quite calm & sensible BUT I have to admit that  Big Brother  is my all time guilty pleasure & I LOVE IT!!

Every year Big Brother & especially CBB has me glued to the TV… (Almost as much as Football)…

So firstly In the interest of being polite – let me wish everyone connected to Celeb FC  a very Happy New Year; but please be prepared for & kind to, the myriad of #CBB tweets & #Blog posts that will be happening for the next few weeks..

For me, It’s not only great entertainment (no matter how hard some people protest) – BBUK has also afforded the #CelebFCFamily  with some fabulous players over the years – especially Marlon Wallen (Big Brother 2014)  & Jason Burrill (Winner Big Brother 2016).

Also WHO could forget our teammate Paul Danan on #CBB last year?

So – This is the line-up according to a leaked photo this evening…

What are your first thoughts?


















Keep checking back here for my thoughts on this years CBB – Whatever happens – it will be a doozy no doubt!



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