Sutton based charity, Sutton Night Watch are now stepping into Month 4 of their ambitious #55Appeal to tackle Homelessness in Surrey.


Hoping to get the residents & businesses in Surrey involved via a small pledge. The team behind the “Sutton Night Watch” charity have come up with an amazing 5-year plan to positively affect homelessness in Sutton. #55Appeal.
Sutton Night Watch’s first 4 months have seen unprecedented support from the amazing Sutton community, as well as from a local business sponsor; which has meant they have been able to secure a premises within the borough of Sutton, where everyone who needs it has a place to access for basic comforts such as showers, hot food, haircuts & clothes along with giving the ability to access online portals for housing & jobs etc.
From February 2020 they will also offer education in English & Maths, a one-stop-shop for access to banking facilities (via a partnership with a local bank), dental registration (via partnership with a Sutton based dentist) & holistic support services, such as mindfulness sign-posting to health support services.
This is what they want to be able to offer the homeless in the borough, enabling the issue to be tackled in a positive, caring way.

SNW know there are many reasons why someone may become homeless. It affects individuals & communities. SNW believe everyone should have a place to go to for support if they find themselves in this situation & want to work together with the people & businesses of the borough of Sutton to achieve positive futures for people who are homeless or vulnerably housed.

To achieve this ambition, they need to be able to:

1.    Offer practical assistance (food, clothes etc)
2.    Ensure if a person does become homeless, it’s for the shortest time possible by offering access to housing services.
3.    Provide those with complex problems the opportunity to interact with specialist services by signposting users correctly.
4.    Support people to realise their potential & avoid becoming homeless again by providing basic education & support services to those who need it.

Lisa Brown – Director of Sutton Night Watch said “When Sutton Night Watch was first created, our goal was to ensure no one slept on the streets of our borough on an empty stomach. We have absolutely done our best to help as many as we could however, we have come to realise we are in a great position to be able to think bigger & create a hugely positive change to not only help our existing service users but to help tackle homelessness in its entirety. The #55Appeal will not only benefit the service users but will bring in the local businesses & community as they will be the ones creating this amazing change”.

Karin Flower, Founder of  Celeb FC said, “This initiative is truly heartwarming. Celeb FC may not be based in Sutton but the borough has really welcomed us & what we do for local charities. Sutton Night Watch is one of the most amazing small charities who really think outside the box. We are proud to support the #55Appeal.

To find out more about Sutton Night Watch & the #55Appeal, please click here – SUTTON NIGHT WATCH

REMEMBER – With the #55Appeal
Your £5 donation will go directly to those that need it, Your £5 will truly make a difference!
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