Hello all & welcome.

The new Celeb FC website is a work in progress & we hope you will join us along the way.

Our first blog post is an important one as we are sharing some information about a great GoFundMe page. Its a page raising funds for a headstone for our Teammate MC Sparks who sadly passed away suddenly in 2014.

MC Sparks Celeb FCHis family & friends have had amazing headstone designed, with its own microphone on top; but for something this amazing – the price is high. SO any donation to this would be gratefully received.

For me personally, MC Sparks; Sean as I knew him,  was a unique spirit. We were from the same area in London and with the same circle of friends, our paths crossed at odd times throughout the years, but in later years we really clicked over a love for football & a deep wish to help those who needed help.  When I created Celeb FC, Sean was there. He understood my reasoning behind the team & its set-up, in fact more than that he stood for it & argued its merits with anyone who didn’t understand it. His personality in the spotlight may have been loud & outgoing but with Celeb FC & the children we visited & the charities we played for; he was humble with gentle manners and a compassion I haven’t seen in many people. I could call on him at the drop of a hat & he would come to a charity event without questions or drama. In fact when others let me down Sean stepped in more than once, he was a truly giving human.
Sean knew the Football we played (although as a Celebrity team) was fundamentally there for the charities & children & he never once complained if the changing rooms were half falling down or if the “press” hadn’t turned up to take  pictures. You would always find him with the families, talking to them and finding out more about the cause we were there for.
He was a special person; someone I will remember forever.
Which is why I truly believe in posting this link, as giving back to this is not only right, but absolutely essential.

Teammum X