On Sunday, March 19th the Celeb FC family travelled to Dalston Creams Cafe for the first ever team photo shoot to launch the new style 2017 kit.

The new kit is a world away from the design of the previous, with this years look being a more bright, fun outfield kit and a striking but still fun goalkeeping kit that really complements both Creams Cafe as our sponsor and the Celeb FC family feel to our way of raising funds for small charities.

Sadly, not every member of the Celeb FC family could attend the photo shoot but we had a great group there including some new faces such as the wonderful Jason Burrill, winner of Big Brother 2016 who has embraced the Celeb FC ethos wholeheartedly and has attended a number of our events since meeting Teammum in 2016.

And we also had many of our existing teammates who have not only dedicated their time to Celeb FC and what we are here for but are also very much part of the Celeb FC family including Garage Music legend MC Kie, Channel 5 Supercasino host Rob Lamarr and Big Brother 2014’s Marlon Wallen.  

We are also very lucky to have a number of accomplished amateur footballers as regular players to ensure the Celeb FC football team not only provide a celebrity feel to charity events but also ensure a fabulous football match for anyone who loves the beautiful game.  Such as great teammates Jigga, Dazza, Shameek  JMillz and Josh (who is also a model and fitness instructor and surprised everyone by keeping his Celeb FC shirt on during the photo shoot).

You can see some fantastic photographs below taken on the day by Rob Lamarr and some from Team mum’s camera phone; However, very shortly a full album will be available online for anyone to see the great photos taken by Martha our wonderful photographer for this shoot who like everyone else connected  to Celeb FC, gave her time for free.

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The photo shoot itself went really well we even had a few members of the public coming to meet the guys and have some lovely Creams Deserts (and some pictures with the Celeb FC Teammates of course).

Teammum wants to thank everyone at Dalston Creams as the staff are amazing, as are the desserts (which the teammates enjoyed throughout the day).

As I always say Celeb FC could not survive without the support of people like Creams, Owayo, Martha, 1V1 , Boxed Out PREssex Driver Training, Rocoja Limited and all of the other people that supported us through years.

Without you, over 35 charities since the beginning of 2014 would not have had Celeb FC at their event. Without you we would not have been able to contribute to raising around £100,000 since 2013.

Thank you all so much.

Team mum

Check out our wonderful teammates here 

With brand new full page press info on each #ComingSoon

Without them, we would be nothing!

Media & PR for Celeb FC – as always, without charge –  by Rocoja Limited