I have been exceptionally humbled to be given an Award this year by the Chris Donovan Trust.

Karin – Celeb FC Teammum

Before I tell you about that, Please can you take some time to read a bit about Ray & Vi, The driving force behind the Chris Donovan Trust, Here is a small insight into what they do & why..

In July 2011, three people sat down together in a Surrey community hall. Ray & Violet Donovan, a middle aged couple were listening to a  softly-spoken young man tell them of his dreams and plans for the future.

After three hours of sharing his hopes for the future and of speaking about each others aspirations and goals, they all embraced — and promised they would never lose touch.

No one could ever have guessed that the young man hugged so lovingly that day by Ray & Vi was one of a gang who had murdered their son, Christopher, forever changing their lives..

(Adapted from a post on the Daily Mail by Amanda Cable – Please read the full post HERE)

Ray & Vi set up the Chris Donovan Trust in memory of their son, which is a non-profit Charity.
“We want people to understand what it is like to be a victim and through that knowledge prevent them from creating more victims.” – Ray Donovan

Their Goals

  1. To prevent first time and repeat offending behaviour.
  2. Promote partnerships that empower victims to deal with a crime and raise awareness of the benefits of Restorative Justice and other victim programmes


How they achieve their ambitions?

  1. To visit schools, youth offending institutions and prisons and speak about our experiences.
  2. To share our experiences and hope that in the future every victim has a voice and is heard.
  3. To be open and collaborative with other organisations in achieving our goals.

What they don’t say on their website & in their literature is – That Ray & Vi are two of the most genuine, caring, selfless people you will EVER come across. THAT is why everyone they interact with, no matter in what capacity, wants to help them or indeed, wants to emulate or follow their ethos.

Please take a look at their website & if YOU can assist them in any way – Please please do

The Chris Donovan Trust 

On Thursday 29th – #CDTAWARDS2017 took place in Wallington

I (Karin / Celeb FC Teammum) was extremely proud to accept the “Inspirational Woman Award”.

I couldn’t do what I do with Celeb FC for the small charities in & around the Sutton/ Surrey area, without the backing of MY personal support network, which includes my dear daughters who help me at events, Roxanne Courtney, Jade & my friend Kelly. Also my wonderful players & Celebrity Supporters – The Celebrities who give their time to Celeb FC for free – They are true Heros in my eyes – They may not be the Tom Cruises / Ronaldos of the world – BUT believe me if they were – They wouldn’t be playing for Celeb FC as the A-listers & even some Z-listers usually charge to appear & thats precisely why the Celeb FC players ARE so Bloody exceptional! Small charities like CDT can call on us & not worry about public appearance fees & manager expenses etc…

Yes I may be the glue putting it together – BUT without the rest of the parts – This Celeb FC Family is nothing X

  • The St Giles Trust SOS Project
    The St Giles Trust SOS Project
  • Mayor of Sutton & MP Tom Brake
    Mayor of Sutton & MP Tom Brake
  • Jason Burrill
    Jason Burrill
  • Ray & Vi & Jason
    Ray & Vi & Jason
  • Me - Celeb FC Teammum
    Me - Celeb FC Teammum


So thank you Ray & Vi for my very very very much appreciated & forever cherished award – I am truly humbled – getting an award for being inspirational from YOU is irony at its purest X

Check out the wonderful Celeb FC teammates here  

Without them, we would be nothing!

Lastly & Very importantly

Please check out these fabulous people I met on the evening – Absolutely in awe of them

Crowded Room Theatre company

St Giles Trust SOS Project & Junior Smart 

The Change Foundation

Why Me UK

Sutton Night Watch

And Thank you to the Lovely Lady mayor for her wonderful words of Support

Cllr Jean Crossby

And the great supporters of the CDT


Tom Brake & Paul Scully 

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