Celeb FC Founder Karin is proudly taking part in an online study on the effects of Fibromyalgia psychologically, currently being run by Sheffield University..

Anyone who has lived with this illness will understand the impact it has both physically & emotionally.

Hopefully this research will give an insight into fibromyalgia sufferers, their lived experience of their symptoms and their perceptions and experiences with treatments.

This is an often ?????

(Whilst writing this blog, Fibromyalgia “Brain-Fog” kicked in & Karin was unable to think of the word she needed, which is extremely depressing for someone who is trying to put something together. This happens both when speaking & when writing & is a little discussed symptom of this horrible illness. Whilst it may seem quite humorous to hear a person say “Wow look at that little brown flappy thing with the colour on its chest” when they are pointing clearly at a Robin..

For the Person it feels like a failure..

This is how this point in writing feels right now, when a simple word, one that she knows & has used a million times before, has just vanished from her vocabulary…. Hence why Karin absolutely wanted to participate in the study).

It’s so very important for people to be aware of what chronic pain & fatigue does to a person’s body & mind.. The simple tasks are mountainous & everyday life is a struggle BUT the brain is shouting – “Come on now, this is ridiculous”.

We will keep you updated of any news we get about this study & others if we are approached .

#BecomeFibroAware (a great initiative from FMAUK)

You can contact Karin HERE if you would like any more information on living with Fibromyalgia.


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