One of the 5 great charities being supported by what all of us involved believe will be the biggest charity event Harlow will ever see; is Harlow Food Bank.

Image A charity dedicated to feeding local people who are in crisis.

Sadly, Harlow falls into the bottom 30% of most deprived areas nationally & this can mean if a redundancy or illness etc strikes, a stable situation can rapidly deteriorate, leading to relationship breakdowns, home repossession or worse.

Harlow Foodbank & the wonderful volunteers there-in work to support people who find themselves on the edge of crisis…

This support is achieved by providing nutritionally balanced emergency food to people in crisis who have no where else to turn.

Its a community project, working closely with churches, local business, Schools & individuals purely to support those in need.

You can help, whether you are a Harlow resident or just a kind & generous person…

This is how it works:-

  • Food is donated by people of Harlow (or as above).
  • Volunteers sort & pack the food into food-boxes, each containing enough supplies for 3 days.
  • Harlow Foodbank partners with front-line care professionals to identify people in crisis & give them a voucher.
  • The people then take the voucher to the Foodbank centre & they will receive a warm, friendly welcome, a hot drink & of course, their food-box.
  • Foodbank are also able to put people in touch with  other agencies who can offer support through these difficult times.


donate at Tesco

ImageHarlow Food-bank Staff will be at Tesco Church Langley & Edinburgh Way on Friday & Saturday, so Please Please have a look at the shopping list & buy just 1 extra item to give in to them.

Also, as Tesco has very kindly offered to give the equivalent of 30% of all food collected over the two days also, it is all the more important that this 2 day collection is a big one!

Thereafter, the teams of @Harlow5Aid will be making July 28th the most amazing charity event Harlow has ever seen, for this fantastic & most necessary charity..

Please drop by – tickets are available now – Check here for outlets – 

If you would like more info on the fantastic work done by Harlow Food Bank, please please get in touch here.

Email @HarlowFoodbank 

or check out their website here – Harlow Foodbank

Youtube here – Harlow Foodbank Youtube account

Harlow5Aid is proud to be helping Harlow Foodbank as part of


Rocoja – Proudly supporting @Harlow5Aid & Harlow Foodbank

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