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Celeb FC is a group, mainly gathering together as a Football Team, made up of voluntary participants (including celebrities from the world of reality TV, Music, Film & Media and ex-professional sportsmen & women). We play in fundraising football matches and participate in performances & events to enhance the fundraising capabilities of small UK charities, community groups & individuals.

Celeb FC is committed to bringing as much media attention & associated enhancements to fundraising efforts that we can, to benefit every event we attend; giving participants the opportunity to increase their fundraising ability without having to factor in costs usually associated with having a celebrity feel to an event.

Celeb FC is committed to diversity in fundraising for the benefit of those we are assisting; promoting our services to diverse charitable causes & individuals who need help & support, thereby participating in a wide variety of  events & benefiting various causes each year.

Celeb FC is committed to reaching out in the community in an inclusive way, encompassing all, irrespective of age, race, colour, creed or gender.

Celeb FC is Here For The Right Reasons at every event we attend – NOT for the glory or the Money….


Equal Opportunities

Bullying & Harassment

Conflicts Of Interest

Code of Behaviour



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