The Variety Club of Great Britain is a Children’s Charity.variety Club

The charity aims to increase positive experiences for children and young people throughout the UK who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged.

CoachesVariety provides both practical help including Variety Sunshine coaches, Variety Wheelchairs and specialist equipment; as well as creating memorable childhood experiences.

There are now over 5200 variety coaches on the road since the variety coach scheme began and are a symbol for what children and young people can achieve when given the opportunity to explore the wider world. The coaches represent fundraising efforts by schools, groups, organisations, Variety themselves and both corporate and individual sponsors. This year alone, variety have over 24000 trips planned utilising these great coaches.

Another very important way of assisting disadvantaged youngsters to achieve their ambitions is through supporting youth clubs. These facilities give children the activities and interests which will keep them from resorting to crime, anti-social behaviour and drugs at such a vulnerable stage of their lives.

Variety works with youth groups and community projects to open doors for many children and young people whom would not otherwise be encouraged to develop their skills and their social networks.

Variety also provide grants for disadvantaged families, this ensures that no matter what financial background a child is from. They fully recognise the huge emotional and financial demands that caring for a child or young person whom is seriously ill or disabled.

Individual grants can be awarded from a hundred pounds upwards and these are used for many things, such as adapted car seats, bath mats and hoists, mobility equipment, learning and communication equipment, plastic sheets and feeding tubes, plus much more.

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