It’s been a very hard few days, where I have been speaking to the wonderful humans who run, staff, operate non-profits / charities, who are now struggling, as fundraising has dried up, events are having to be cancelled & they are being more & more relied upon not only by the demographics they cover, but by practically every section of the public.

I have been speaking to the groups & charities & its been heartbreaking having to postpone events. BUT I have been liaising with my amazing team & sponsors (the CelebFCFamily), who are all very positive about keeping the fundraising going for our small UK based charities – So we all have our thinking caps on & will let you know how we will be adjusting.

I will also be bringing some stories to you over the coming few days – stories of resilience, humour & love, stories of bravery, fun & heroism, all in spite of this pandemic.

However – just in case I have to disappear for a few days, my first post is to explain where I am at & how I have been affected personally.

I have a number of chronic illnesses (some who follow Celeb FC will know this already) & this means I am deemed “at-risk” so I have been keeping away from people as much as possible over the last week or so. I’ve ventured out to grab some shopping (as much as a handbasket can carry) & to the local costa for a takeaway cuppa (up until last Friday).

However I also have an elderly mother, who has late stage dementia & is very very ill in a care home (not Coronavirus related).

Today the very difficult decision has been made – NOT to visit my mum (who is very close to end-of-life) for the next few days (at least), in her care home.

We were told last week, the home needed a special allowance to be granted for us (me & my 2 sisters) to visit one at a time, once a day, for half an hour as she is very frail. However with the rapid progression of the Coronavirus pandemic & the fact that our family (myself & my sisters) have key-workers, facing the public daily in our families & also have vulnerabilities ourselves, it’s just too much of a risk that we carry the illness into the home. This is not just for Mums sake but for the other elderly & vulnerable residents.

In my heart, I know they are keeping mum comfortable, giving her pain meds & ensuring she has liquids. I know they are deep cleaning the home & are all taking every precaution as they care about the residents and families.

Some of the care staff there are bloody amazing & are truly invaluable in the industry.

I hope the government sits up & takes notice after this has passed.

Thanks for reading – Please pop me YOUR charity/personal story & if I can, I’ll pop it online here.

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Stay safe everyone

Celeb FC Founder Karin


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