Coronavirus Update (V1) Celeb FC
Updated March 18th


Celeb FC have been watching the news avidly, to make sure we are following the government’s advice with regards to events.

The government has advised against mass gatherings in the UK amid the coronavirus outbreak – effectively cancelling all remaining sporting / public attended events.

The PM said that from Tuesday (17th March) mass gatherings requiring emergency workers are something “we are now moving emphatically away from”.

He also added that social venues, including pubs, should be avoided.

But he reiterated that transmission risks at mass gatherings remain low, saying “It remains true – as we said in the last few weeks – that this sort of transmissions of the disease at mass gatherings such as sporting events are relatively low, but obviously, logically, as we advise against unnecessary social contact of all kinds, it’s right that we should extend that advice to mass gatherings as well,”.

So far the following has happened & while these events are far bigger than those Celeb FC attend and support, we are of course going to be acting in the best interests of the communities, charities , groups and individuals we created Celeb FC for and should the time come when we need to cancel / reschedule any events, we will of course let everyone know.


March 14th – Sutton Night Watch Opening Event

April 5th – Hill House Community Centre Easter Egg Hunt Event

May 7th – Sutton Women’s Centre Charity Gala 

Keep an eye on all Celeb FC social media & please email us if you have any questions. (Remember we are staffed by volunteers so will reply as soon as we can).
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