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Every summer, there are always a number of Celebrity Charity Football games happening throughout the UK. In the Summer of 2013 a group of celebrity football players, who had been playing at various charity events for many years, ended up at an event which Karin, now affectionately known as Team Mum, was volunteering at and helping to organise.

After the match, when the celebs & Karin were sitting & discussing the game, the subject of funding for such events arose. A number of the Celebs felt it wasn’t right that people attending were donating to charity events, unaware that some of those donations were being paid as fees to the organisers, celebs & venues.

Particularly for small charities & individuals who needed immediate help, it was felt no one should be taking a cut of the money raised.  Celeb FC grew from that belief - Celebrities involved with them, play voluntarily to bring a showbiz feel to small UK events in aid of charity; this ensures that the charity or individual does NOT have to factor in for appearance fees or event organiser fees before they can even begin to think about an event.

In fact most of the events Celeb FC attend are to help people at the sharp pointy end of a crisis, and they have raised funds for disability aids & equipment, holidays for families with children who are suffering from life-limiting illnesses, foodbanks, domestic abuse charities, football clubs for children & other such important causes. They have also attended events just to create happy memories for families in difficult circumstances.

Celeb FC Celebrity players do not charge appearance fee’s & everything the team & support network do is voluntary; such as  promotion of events by creating flyers, PR on social media and press releases for the charities.

The team have some really talented individuals playing for them, several of whom have played football before their various careers.


Story so far

In 2013 Celeb FC played in 6 matches and secured sponsorship for the kit thanks to Teamstats.

Celeb FC played in the Football Supporters World Cup at the London Soccer Dome in November 2013 and contributed to over £25000 being raised for Small UK Charities throughout the year.

In 2014, we played 11 games (with many more requests to play, but without funding, we were limited). Karin and the players spoke on The Football Talk Show for Harlow Radio numerous times and also on Sky TV at The Chrissy B Show (Sky Channel 203).

Some players were on National TV as part of The Voice. BigBrovaz appeared on Channel 4 & were on stage at various Festivals where Celeb FC were invited as guests. We contributed to raising circa £35000 during this year.

2015 saw a number of games played in our new strip, thanks to new Kit Sponsors – Patriot Sports. Charities supported in this year included Help for HeroesProstate Cancer UK, The Jude Brady Foundation, & others, we contributed to circa £25000 being raised. 

2016 saw 8 matches played, contributing to just over £25000 being raised, along with new fundraising routes being taken - The teammates and charities appearing on Podcasts & TV (Fan TV on Sky Channel 212, Clare Meets on Youtube & The Only Way is Linda On V3 TV) - All to add awareness raising avenues for the charities we help.

There was also a great Christmas Charity event in Derby in November for the SSSN Charity

About the Celeb FC Teammum

Karin Flower

Born in South London & living there her whole life, Karin developed a love of the Beautiful game in her childhood. Sadly in the 70’s girls were not allowed to play & as she was NOT into any of the usual girl sports of the era she quickly became a bookworm. Now many years later, after having an eclectic career whilst bringing up children, she has brought her love for football (an avid Liverpool Fan of almost 3 decades) & her passion for Charity together.

Karin currently runs Celeb FC from home, doing as much as she can whilst battling her own health problems. She is however a glass half full (preferably with a nice Red Wine) kinda girl.

Karin is supported in the run-up & at every event by her daughters Jade (Celeb FC Kit-Girl), Courtney & Roxanne. Although you may not see them, because if the event needs mascots / characters for children to play with – Yep you guessed it!

Karin is very proud to have been awarded the Chris Donovan Trust Inspirational Woman of the Year Award 2017

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