There will be social media posts up from Celeb FC today about the amazing first game at Wycombe Wanderers Football Club for Macmillan Cancer Support ..

BUT our founder wanted to put a personal post up.

From Karin –
The team that is CelebFC never cease to amaze me ..

From sponsors who are small businesses – making their way in the world, coming to the matches & events & still donating to charities as they do, to Teammates who are all volunteers – all have either lightly touched a footballing / sporting career or have been / are part of a celebrity career somehow…

All are with Celeb FC for the right reasons – to raise funds for those that need it or causes that have supported family & friends – NOT for a photo-op (Although, admittedly I take many many photos because I am in absolute awe of them) & definitely NOT for the money as Celeb FC do not pay anyone to be at our events.

Some days – I just stand in the dugout, watching them, as they play football (a game I love with a passion that’s indescribable) & admire each & every one of them.

Yesterday was such a day…..

What an amazing group of people we have in our almost ten year legacy x